Get the facility of ordering a taxi in around ten countries and 160 European cities by using the taxi.EU app. You can evaluate the fare and pay online. This app provides a lot of options to book a taxi and is known as the largest pan-European taxi community. By including about 65,000 taxies, it provides services in countries like Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland, and many others. It has amazing features such as quick location determination, several vehicle types & equipment options, pre-order features, and many more.

When we got the opportunity to develop this taxi service app, we were happy as our team has already developed such a kind of app. We put all the effort and dedication while building this app. Taxi.EU app only accepts payment in Euro currency. The development team used JavaScript libraries & functions and took the help of the Ember.js framework to offer a strong MVC architecture. We made the app attractive for users. Finally, we delivered an efficient feature-rich taxi app solution to the client.