“Super Creators” is the first deliberate NFT marketplace of this ability that is intended to purchase and sale of digital assets. This marketplace includes 2222 super creators called Genesis, Legendary, and Babies. Genesis is comprised of males and females that form babies after 90 days of purchasing, whereas, Legendary is the combination of 7 chakras founded in super creators. All the artworks bought by the customers can be seen on the OpenSea marketplace and will possibly make a market of their own in the future.

Initially, our team was in dilemma whether to take this NFT project or not as it was such a big responsibility to handle. But our team decided not to give up and worked hard to get successful results. We have proficient designers who gave the website an interactive look by using CSS, HTML, JavaScript, etc. to attract customers. The development team also gave their best shot by developing the super creators with the help of Blockchain, Python, ReactJS, etc. Our team completed the project efficiently and delivered it on time.