Speed Shopper is a popular grocery delivery app that has the aisle location of the most popular retailers like Walmart, Target, Publix, Food Lion, Kroger, H-E-B, Harris Teeter, Wegman’s, and many more. However, if you want to shop from the store that is not listed, all you need to do is add the aisle’s location and you are good to go.

Speed Shopper was for a complete transformation and in need of an app that conveys their brand image. We were approached to develop apps for both Android and iOS platforms. Our team worked on the design and after brainstorming a lot, selected a technology, that fits perfectly all the requirements of this project. There were too many features but the main one was the tracking as shoppers had to feed the aisle’s location of their favorite product. Users must be easily able to find their order and for this, we went on for GPS integration. Keeping everything simple yet effective was our main aim, which we achieved successfully.