KnownOrigin is referred to as the first and largest NFT marketplace of the world that is developed on the Ethereum Blockchain. It allows NFT lovers to search, collect, purchase, and trade digital art NFTs. KnownOrigin works as a suitable platform for all the artists where they can build distinctive & authentic digital collectibles in the form of NFTs. Users can create their accounts on this platform, and they are required to have a digital wallet installed called before signing into the tab.

After taking this project under our surveillance, our team got to learn a lot about new things. This project was fun to do as well as challenging because it made us do more research about the market. Our team integrates the latest technologies such as Blockchain, Ethereum, Solidity, ReactJS, Python, and more to make it much more efficient for the users. Our designing team has put their hard work and efforts dedicatedly to making it appealing and responsive. The client was happy in the end as we were able to complete it on time.