Let’s do easy chatting and making plans for gatherings or meetings with the calendar invites rather than using those standard ways such as messaging friends or other persons on multiple channels. IRL app facilitates users with an impressive calendar app along with built-in chat. This app also allows users to follow their favourite sports teams, artists, venues, hobbies, and the people they know. IRL permits users to have their solo moments via Google calendars.

While developing this social media app, our team didn’t have any problem as we have expertise in social media app development. As third-party payment services, we included Stripe and American Express to provide secure transactions to users. Along with multiple impressive features, we keep the app working easy, smooth & faster. Our team added a built-in Google Calendar to manage the events of user’s real-life that helps them to handle all the meetings & gatherings. The client got impressed with our work and the developed app.