Get a Colgate Connect E1 toothbrush that is advanced,easy to use,and provides full cleaning of the mouth. These toothbrushes are specially intended by scientists &dentists to make the app suitable for all types of users. There is the Colgate Connect app that will help you to connect with your brush via mobile Bluetooth,and you will get an ultimate and personalized experience. You can know everything about at what time you brushed your teeth,where you brushed,which spot you missed,etc. It also provides personalized details,brushing feedback,oral care tips,a guide,and others.

When our development team got to know about this app concept, they found it very exciting. It was our first attempt to develop a different app like this, hence we took it as a challenge and completed it too efficiently and with ease. Our designing team developed it as the most attractive app to grab the customer’s attention and facilitated them with the multiple payment gateway services. Our whole team worked dedicatedly on this app and integrated advanced technologies into it to make it interactive. Client was also happy with the delivered product in the end.