Adpost is a classified platform that has an enormous range of services such as buying and selling vehicles and pets, offices & houses, job listing, and many more. Right from getting on an exclusive home interior design to get the desired products, Adpost’s library has everything to provide you with what you want. You can find massive business opportunities through this platform in terms of products and services.

The Adpost team approached us to develop iOS and Android app for them along with the website, and we were also happy to do it for them. It was not a tough task as we have already done so many similar projects. To develop this solution, our developers wanted to use a highly capable and scalable technology stack to make it efficient enough to manage a large number of users. Our development team integrated email hosting providers, web hosting providers, and so on. We also used PHP framework and WordPress as a content management system to develop this cross-platform solution. With our dedicated team of developers, we were able to deliver both the apps and website on time and clients were also satisfied with the desired outcomes.