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Upmarket the growth of your grocery delivery business with the appropriate grocery delivery app solutions offered by SemiDot Infotech, the best grocery delivery app development company in Dubai. Our provided solutions will assist you to have augmented business control, scalability, and prominence to the targeted market.

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Build a Grocery Delivery App with the Best Grocery Delivery App Developers in UAE

SemiDot Infotech is known as a top Grocery delivery app development company in Dubai that is able to offer a hassle-free grocery shopping experience to your targeted user base with well-created readymade, customized, and white label grocery delivery app solutions. We bring you robust and scalable solutions with advantageous features such as a dedicated interface, order management, real-time tracking, and a lot more.

Our expert grocery delivery app developers aims to provide premium-quality online grocery delivery apps to start-ups, supermarkets, local vendors, and others. With a modernized user interface and fast performance, our built grocery delivery apps will help your business to upscale as well as in providing the most reliable grocery delivery app development services for both Android and iOS. At SemiDot Infotech , you can hire grocery delivery app developers who are experts and skilled in providing on-demand grocery delivery app solutions like Instacart, Amazon Fresh, carrefour, Instashop, Lulu Shopping, elGrocer and others. Whether you require to have a fully featured or a simple grocery delivery app, our dedicated developers is here to support you by providing affordable and consumer-oriented grocery delivery apps.
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On-demand Grocery Delivery App Development Solutions

SemiDot Infotech is providing grocery delivery app development services in UAE for 10+ years for helping businesses to succeed in an ever-competitive market by providing them the finest on-demand grocery delivery app solutions.
  • Single/Aggregator App

    Our on-demand grocery app development services also include aggregator apps like carrefour, Instashop, LuLu, elGrocer that facilitate customers to browse & buy while saving cost & time. This app is linked to multiple grocery outlets & follows the best grocery business model.

  • White-label Grocery Store App

    Our grocery delivery app developers are also committed to providing businesses with a White label Grocery delivery apps in Dubai with lots of wonderful features that enables them to maximize the revenue & get direct access from the grocery store to the doorstep of their target audiences.

  • eCommerce Grocery Delivery App

    To acquire grocery delivery eCommerce apps like Amazon, Flipkart, etc., businesses can hire our grocery delivery app developers who have excellent technical expertise that can help them to deliver next-level customer shopping experience & fast services.

  • Farm to Consumers Delivery

    It is one of the most attainable online grocery store development solutions built for local farmers specifically that helps them to directly sell fresh organic vegetables, fruits, etc. without any third-party assistance. It is helpful to reach out to the end-users quickly.

  • Supermarket Delivery

    Grocery market giants like Costco are looking forward to having such an app for delivering groceries to customers. With the help of digital channels including beacon technology, supermarkets can maximize their digital presence, sell products & business revenue.

  • Grocery Chain

    Grocery stores are choosing to develop a grocery chain application that can manage all their branches across cities via a single grocery application dashboard. Consult our dedicated Grocery delivery app developers in Dubai to develop an app for your grocery business.

Salient Features to Include in a Grocery Delivery Application

At SemiDot, we offer custom grocery delivery app development solutions with amazing features included for different panels such as admin, user, delivery agent, and store manager to streamline the business operations.

Easy App Onboarding

It is very easy to sign up for a grocery delivery app as a user can do it by simply filling in all the information such as name, mobile number, E-mail ID, etc. to register the app.

Order Tracking

Using GPS technology, it is possible for app users to track their grocery order and know where it has been reached? They can also get notified by getting SMS or email.

Product Browsing

Grocery app users are facilitated with the browsing feature, in which they can browse the image, details, and description of any grocery item to check if they must have it or not.

Secured Payments

While providing on-demand grocery app development services, we integrate multiple secure payment gateways such as Paytm, PayPal, Google Pay, e-banking, & others.


Cart feature works as a Wishlist for users in which they can add their desired items that they are unable to purchase at that time due to any reason like lack of time, unavailability, etc.

Rating & Feedback

After receiving the grocery items, users can rate the packing or quality of the items along with the delivery person. They can also provide feedback including essential suggestions.

Stock Update

Our offered grocery delivery app development services include updating the stock and keep the track of product numbers to know about the quantity so that users can get them.

Product Listing

Product listing will be updated by the store manager and there can be added as many related products as they want to sell the customers, and which are available or in-stock.


We include a support feature to be used by the store managers whenever they face an issue with the grocery delivery mobile application or want to get their queries or doubts solved.

Profile Management

Grocery store managers must maintain and keep their profiles updated. They can edit the profile details comprising profile name, contact number, etc. to improve & make it genuine.

Assign Delivery Boy

After getting an order, it is the charge of the store manager to assign a suitable delivery agent who is available at that time to send the grocery order to the customer’s address.

Live Tracking

Store managers are also able to track the live location of the delivery agent to know the entire route and the estimated time of parcel delivery with the help of GPS and Google Maps.

Log-in Via Unique ID

Every delivery agent will be provided with a unique identification number that they can use to get access to the grocery delivery application and to be able to get the delivery orders.

Order Details

Delivery agents can check the entire details of the order including the order ID, order amount, placement time, order delivery address, number of items, etc. using this feature.

Delivery Status

Through this feature, the delivery person can update the status as delivered after giving the grocery parcel to the right person or at the right address by including essential details.


GPS and map will help the delivery wallet to navigate properly to the exact location of the customer’s address. If the driver is new or unaware of the routes, it will surely help them.

Ratings & Reviews

Delivery agents can also rate the experience they had while delivering the order, or with the customers. They can give their feedback about any of the inconvenient things they faced.

Push Notifications

App drivers will be informed about the new order arrived or deliveries, or payment debited via the real-time notifications. They will never miss any grocery order with this feature.

Admin Dashboard

Admin can generate reports with the help of the dashboard as it includes all the details about the orders such as customers’ names, contact numbers, order IDs, amounts, & more.

User Management

Admin can see all the information about grocery delivery app’s users including their status, total order numbers, rewards, used coupons, wallet, canceled & delivered orders, etc.

Product Management

Admin can view all the grocery products available, images of the product, categories name, the quantity of the product, and product ID to update the stock or change their status.

Category Management

With this feature, the admin is competent to handle all the product categories comprising parent category, upload categories’ images, and take the necessary actions for the app.

List of Orders

From this, admins can view the orders’ list, order status that was placed by customers, order placement timing, amount to be paid by the customers, payment method & other details.

Stock Updating

The stock updating feature permits the admin to update the accurate quantity of the products and do the necessary about them, be it order them more or keep the status out of stock.

Our Work

Being a top grocery delivery app development company in UAE, SemiDot Infotech is trusted by hundreds of clienteles worldwide. Our development team puts their full dedication and hard work into the work they do. You can browse our previous work to see what we have done best till now!

Why Choose SemidotFor Grocery Delivery App Development

Being considered as a top on-demand grocery delivery app development company in UAE, SemiDot Infotech has come a long way. We hold a team of dedicated grocery delivery app developers to develop dynamic and reliable customized, white-label, and readymade grocery delivery apps in Dubai.
Broad Market Expertise

We provide Grocery delivery app development solutions built by our experts who have a wider knowledge of the market worldwide that helps to strengthen the different models and solutions. It will also contribute to the expansion of start-ups & ventures’ stability.

Affordable Pricing

Our offered inexpensive diverse pricing plans facilitate clients to maintain a balance between the innovative creation and their budget. They can easily select one of these plans that includes custom and SaaS solutions, or the one that goes perfectly with their needs.

Scalable Solutions

Robust and scalable mobile app development solution is our specialty, that is why we are the leading name in the market. From a start-up to an established business. We craft an ideal solution for everyone that extends from SaaS to completely customized ones.

Flexible Support

We support our valuable clients throughout the development process and even after that. Therefore, we provide 24*7 support services for them. Guidance from our dedicated experts is available whenever they require, be it pre or post the app deployment.

Improved Business ROI

Businesses can obtain grocery delivery app development services in Dubai from Semidot in order to gain higher ROI in the shortest feasible time. We craft customized and ready-made grocery app development solutions that help you to grow your business profits.

Strong Customer Base

While developing a grocery app solution, we consider all the desires and requirements of clients and their businesses. Hence, it leads to establishing or maintaining a large and loyal customer base via providing them personalized experiences through our efficient apps.

Get your Own Grocery Delivery App Like Carrefour, Instashop, Lulu Shopping, elGrocer

Our Online Grocery Delivery App Development Process

To ensure the app's success in the market, you must follow a standard app development process including designing, coding, testing & deployment. At SemiDot Infotech, we have experienced designers and developers who are creating scalable solutions for years across multiple industries by adhering to a result-oriented process.
Market Research

Market Research

Collect data and ideas to get an understanding of the project concept via market research.

App Designing

App Designing

Designers will plan out the wireframes & interactive UI/UX to design the grocery app layout.

MVP Development

MVP Development

Depending on the initial planning, the MVP app will be created & launched to get feedback.



The grocery app will be published on the chosen platform and made available to download.



The final product will go for testing to ensure there are no bugs or performance issues.

App Development

App Development

Programmers will write the code and do the necessary changes to build the final product.

Industries We Have Served

SemiDot Infotech has more than a decade of experience working for multiple industries and providing them feature-packed and full-fledged on-demand app development solutions. Our professional development team has the competency to provide efficient solutions at a cost-effective rate.


The approximate cost to develop a grocery delivery app will be around $10,000 to $25,000. As it depends upon the diverse factors comprising different platforms such as iOS, Android, or web. Despite it, the development team structure, per hour charges by the developers in different regions, required features, technologies & tools, and cost as per the selected solution, readymade, white-label, or customized. The cost will be assessed after considering all these factors.
When you get your grocery delivery app from SemiDot InfoTech, we provide flexible support and maintenance services for the first three months. After that, you must pay the extra charge to get the support.
Yes, we can provide you with both an app and a website for your grocery business. In recent times, it would be better to obtain grocery delivery apps like Instacart and Grofers rather than developing a website because a mobile app solution would be more appropriate to streamline the business operations and help you to reach out to a broad base of audiences.
Yes, we can do it. For every project we develop, we provide the ownership of source code to the app owner in the end. We don’t hold any accountability or rights once we hand over the project to the owner.
Yes, of course. You can opt-out for customized grocery app development solutions in which you can include desired features or any third-party integrations you want such as payment gateways, chat support, SOS button, and many more.
Of course. Our expert and skilled developers have experience of years, and they very well know how to build a scalable solution for different platforms, be it anything, iOS, Android, or web.

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Our team is an enthusiast and works dedicatedly, it is because we get great support and appreciation from our global clientele. There are hundreds of professionals who trust us worldwide.

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