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Lead the market and get the chance to motivate millions of fitness aficionados with our created scalable & robust solutions. Being a prominent healthcare & fitness app development company, our development team ensures to attain reasonable goals to improve business prospects within a particular timeframe.

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Build up Your Digital Journey with Our Crafted Health and Fitness App Development Solutions

There are already thousands of proficient health, fitness, and nutrition mobile apps used by a large customer base and getting immense popularity in the fitness app market. To get along with the market, SemiDot Infotech that has been working as a top-notch health and fitness app development company in UAE for the years is providing innovative mobile solutions for Android and iOS to facilitate businesses generating great ROI. Our expert developers know very well how to create impactful health & fitness apps implementing potent strategies.

Hiring health and fitness app developers from us would be beneficial for your business as we provide more technological and diverse kinds of health & fitness services such as meditation, yoga, workout, activity tracking, and diet. Grow and transform your business with customized on-demand fitness app development solutions according to your business requirements. We will take the whole responsibility for the development process and will help you to create a fitness app that will be advantageous for people to stay fit, eat healthy, and analyze fitness activities.
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Online Health & Fitness App Development Solutions

At SemiDot, we are providing on-demand health and fitness app development services to maximize profit, improve client retention, and get a wider audience base. Take advantage of our developed solutions as it is high time to encompass the strength of online presence.
  • Wearable fitness Apps

    Users would love to have a dedicated dashboard to display their collected data through their wearable fitness devices. Hence, businesses can go for wearable fitness app development solutions that would provide a seamless experience to their users.

  • Diet & Nutrition Apps

    Diet tracker app development solutions will facilitate users with a planned diet, food nutrition database, supplement details & more along with the calculator empowered with advanced features such as machine learning & AI according to the project scope.

  • Activity tracking Apps

    Keeping the track of every activity will let the users know about how nutritious & healthy their day was and how they can improve it. Activity tracking apps are used by the trainers to monitor and analyse users’ activities every moment to aware of their health.

  • Fitness & Workout Apps

    With years of expertise and experience, we offer robust fitness and workout app development solutions integrated with motivational and training videos along with detailed information about healthy diet, workouts, body postures, and many more.

  • Personal Trainer Apps

    Nowadays, a lot of fitness freaks are preferring fitness trainers personally over a common trainer for all users. This personal trainer app will customize training programs, video tutorials, & more to train the users according to their fitness goals and fitness level.

  • Yoga & Meditation Apps

    This type of fitness app is perfect for people who only want to maintain their fitness level just by doing yoga & meditation. These apps comprise different types of breathing exercises and positions helpful to improve the users’ health mentally, physically, & spiritually.

Impressive Features to Add in a Health & Fitness Application

To make any health & fitness mobile application work and get it successful in the market, there must be added some attractive features that are worth increasing the fitness app development cost. At SemiDot, we provide feature-rich & user-friendly on-demand fitness solutions at a cost-effective rate.

Social Integration

To register into the app, users must be facilitated with the social media linking that will allow them to share their fitness goals & achievements on their social media accounts.

VR Fitness Experience

This feature allows users to take fitness classes online via the personal trainer. This way, they don’t have to leave their place and they can get the fitness motivation anywhere.

Activity Tracking

Activity log tracking will help the app users to keep a record of their day-to-day activities such as walks, workouts, exercises, and many more physical activities to know the progress.

eCommerce Options

Integration of eCommerce into a health and fitness app would be beneficial for users to purchase things for a workout process. It will enhance the interactivity of the application.

Payment Mode

This feature is useful when the monetization model is applied to the app. It is an easy way to get the users’ payment such as subscription fee via eWallet, credit/debit card, GPay, etc.

Push Notifications

Notifications will help users to get the reports of their achieved weekly, or monthly goals. These will also remind them about the forgotten workout, live sessions, or daily meals.

Real-time Insights

This feature must be integrated into the workout app development solutions for users to see the count of their daily calorie consumed, calorie breakdown, and macro-nutrients.

Personalized Planner

Online fitness app solutions provide this feature to describe the activities to do for the users including details & duration. The app will send monthly or weekly workout plans to users.

Live Chat & Streaming

Enabling the live chat, sessions, video streaming, etc. into a fitness app will motivate users for daily workouts with the instant help & guidance of health and fitness experts in real-time.


This feature helps to analyze the altitude including water boiling, height from sea level, etc. It will be really useful for workout & fitness enthusiasts who have to travel repeatedly.

Activity Progress Tracker

Users can track their health and they can also get notified about the improvements they had. There are used latest technologies to accomplish the fitness goals of customers.

Workout Guide

Workout guides and nutritional education are provided via entertaining, educative, and personalized games and videos to enhance the target audiences’ interest & engagement.


The dedicated dashboard of the admin has all the details including users’ details, their subscriptions, courses, trainers’ details, payment details, etc. helpful in generating reports.

User Management

This feature defines the ability of the administrator to handle and control all the users’ access to the fitness app. Only the admin can review and alter the user management module.

Subscription Management

Admin has all the details of customers’ subscriptions to manage the process. Which customer has which programs’ subscription & when it will end, admin has all the details.

Marketing & Promotion Tools

The marketing & promotion tools feature basically includes cashback, loyalty programs, and referrals management. It is helpful in user retention, loyalty, and retargeting them.

Payment Records

Admin has access to view all the payments submitted by users while getting subscriptions for different programs. These all are collected at one place that is managed by the admin.

Category Management

Different categories such as nutrition, diet, workout, personal trainer, activity tracking, and others are handled by the app admin, they can add or remove the category accordingly.

Our Work

SemiDot Infotech is actively working in the industry for years as a top health and fitness app development company that provides technological innovation and human-centric design to generate more profits and revenues. Our delivered solutions help businesses to stand out from competitors.

Why Choose Semidot?

SemiDot Infotech is one of the leading names when it comes to providing on-demand health and fitness app development services in Dubai. We develop user-friendly and highly advanced fitness mobile applications for sports enthusiasts, club members, league champions, and even professionals.
Skilled Team

We have skilled and expert coders and programmers who will assist you to build a fitness app. The extensive experience of our team dedicated development team helps us to undertake each project efficiently irrespective of the involved capacity.

On-time Delivery

To date, we have delivered hundreds of projects all over the globe successfully and still haven’t had any single issue from the clients’ side. We have dedicated team members who work hard to provide solutions for mobile, web, & other digital platforms on time.

Domain Expertise

With having experience of more than a decade, we have developed several online fitness app solutions for global brands, hence it has been our domain expertise to provide result-oriented, modern-edge, & creative business solutions for different platforms.

Transparent Process

Our team follows a transparent and standard process to provide health and fitness app development solutions in UAE. It helps to accelerate the team’s performance and ensures to deliver the best possible solution that will generate top-notch outcomes.

Customized Solutions

We understand different businesses have different requirements; hence, it is not necessary that one solution can work for them all. Therefore, we provide readymade, customized, & white label fitness app solutions by integrating required features by businesses.

Trusted By Famous Brands

There are multiple reasons why we are the preferred choice for multiple brands. Experienced team, effective solutions, modern-edge technologies integration, throughout the support, and more are the causes that help us to maintain a large clientele.

Lead The Market with Our Healthcare & Fitness App Solutions

Online Health and Fitness App Development Process

At SemiDot, our development team follows a standard approach and best practices while providing health and fitness app development services in UAE. Despite it, we focus on users’ security & experience, and other important aspects.
Market Research

Market Research

Clarify the needs to build the fitness app including finding issues, trends, and mission.

App Designing

App Designing

Prototyping & wireframing for iOS & Android to create interactive & receptive app design.

MVP Development

MVP Development

Creation of minimal viable product by implementing a core set of features & functionalities.



The app is ready to launch on the chosen platform-Apple store or Google Play Store or both.



It is time to see if the code execution is working properly or not & if there is any kind of bug.

App Development

App Development

Do the necessary changes as per the feedback and then, execute the code with needed APIs.

Industries We Have Served

SemiDot Infotech has more than a decade of experience working for multiple industries and providing them feature-packed and full-fledged on-demand app development solutions. Our professional development team has the competency to provide efficient solutions at a cost-effective rate.


Here is a list of some FAQs in reference to your queries about our healthcare & fitness app development services.
The cost estimation of health and fitness app development solutions doesn’t depend on a single factor, there are multiple factors responsible such as app type, involved complexity and features, developers’ location, technologies, team, and many more. Considering all these will make you get an exact cost estimation.
To provide clients assurance about the project’s safety, we sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) between us and the client including all the details about the project confidentiality. It will make you confident that you have chosen the right firm.
There is no definite time to develop a mobile app as it depends upon the app's requirements and its complexity. Sometimes, a simple project takes around 7-8 months, whereas a complex project with lots of features takes a longer time than expected.
Yes, we are available for our valuable clients even after the app development in case they have any issue with our developed solution. Our team would be happy to assist you with bug fixing, app or OS update, or in SDK.
Of course. Our skilled development team is capable enough to provide you with any kind of service you want, whether it is about developing a web version of a mobile application. We have expert coders and programmers for it.
Yes, we never compromise in making our clients secure and confident about our development services. Hence, we provide proper documentation to the client before

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Our team is an enthusiast and works dedicatedly, it is because we get great support and appreciation from our global clientele. There are hundreds of professionals who trust us worldwide.

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