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A smoothly working and fast responsive website is the prior need of today’s businesses. Therefore, N number of businesses are developing websites to get a large customer base and huge revenue. For a long time, PHP is known as the most popular server-side scripting language used to develop proficient websites. It has become a popular choice to create outstanding websites along with a lot of benefits.

As stated by most PHP development companies, the use of PHP will grow at a fast speed and businesses will keep considering this as a preferable choice for web development. Various popular market giants such as Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, and others are built by using PHP. Still, if you have any kind of doubt about the benefits provided by PHP, continue to read the article further to get more knowledge.

When it is about to pick the right programming language to develop a website, the decision must be taken with extreme prudence. There are several options available in the market and they all have some specific qualities, hence programmers should be clear about what they are going to pick? In all terms, PHP is the most suitable and common technology that developers choose. Here is a look at all the attributes of PHP that will be beneficial while having web development services.

Overview of PHP Language

PHP is referred to as “Hypertext Pre-processor” that was earlier known as a “Personal Home Page”. It is known as the most used server-side scripting language that was launched in 1994. This language is used to create both dynamic and static web apps or websites. The best part due to which it is preferable is that developers can embed the language into the HTML code.

In layman’s words, whenever you are in need to develop a professional website with an interactive layout, faster speed, and appropriate security, PHP must be your go-to scripting language. It is easy to work upon in comparison to any other scripting language all over the world. There is around 78.9% of the websites built with this language and it seems to have faster growth in the future as well.

Not only one, but there are also several reasons why you should obtain PHP development services rather than going for any other programming language. Dive deep into the details of what are the reasons behind the growth and supremacy of PHP included in the below article.

Find out Why PHP is the Best Option to Choose for Web Development

PHP has been in the market for such a long time and throughout this journey, it has come a long way facing a lot of ups and downs. Now, businesses have realized the importance of acquiring PHP website development solutions. To know about this increasing popularity of PHP scripting language, you must look at the below representation-



From the above diagram, it can be seen clearly that PHP is counted among the most popular programming languages in 2021 across the world covering the segment of 45.43%. Despite PHP, there are some other languages as well including PHP 5.6 and ASP.NET. All these languages are considered formal programming languages comprising numerous sets of instructions beneficial for generating different results. Let’s know about the reasons behind the popularity of the PHP programming language.

Top Advantages of Choosing PHP Programming Language for Web Development

PHP is a widely used scripting language that runs on a web server, and it is one of the most used dialects as well. It includes various kinds of tools such as Zend Studio, Cloud 9, Komodo, PHP Storm, Brackets, Netbeans, Aptana Studio, NuSpherePhpEd, and CodeLobster that help put straightforward capacities, strategies, and punctuations.

Have a look at more reasons to select PHP as the most suitable language to create websites:

1. Cost-efficiency Due to Open-source Nature

PHP has an open-source nature that brings a loyal customer base to it. This scripting language is available free of cost which makes it the preferable choice for the developers’ community. Neither for use nor for downloading, it costs no fee or charges from any of the users. Developers are free to use, analyze, and understand its underlying programs whenever they want.

Businesses can also hire PHP developers at a low cost which saves their money. PHP developers are considered the most active & skilled in the larger international community. It helps ventures and mid-sized businesses to have experts with a small budget that leads to getting them a result-oriented and successful project. The hourly rate charged by PHP developers starts from $15 per hour which makes the PHP development services reasonable for start-ups.

2. Consolidative, Adaptable, and Supportive

PHP is counted as one of the most flexible and versatile programming languages. It is flexible to work with different servers such as Tornado, Xitami, Caudium, iPlanet, Netscape, and more. The code written in PHP is also compatible with the major platforms from Windows, Linux to Unix. PHP is able to provide support for over 20 databases to make website development a viable procedure for the chosen developers.

PHP also has a broad variety of functions that makes the work easier with HTML. All these together make the PHP first choice of developers when it comes to cross-platform solutions. Ventures can improve their present infrastructure at minimum cost by choosing PHP.

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3. Downtime Consumption

PHP allows developers to reuse the code which leads to saving a lot of effort and time throughout the whole development procedure. There are several frameworks available to ease the process under PHP such as Symphony, Laravel, Joomla, and others that have their own functionalities to fulfil the needs of the project development. These frameworks also have some in-built functions to access some of the features and ease the working with HTML & URLs while having custom PHP development services. PHP as the most famous dialect improves the possibilities, existence of sites, and managing the highlights.

4. Better Performance for Enterprise Retention

Users prefer websites that take less time to load and respond at a fast speed. It saves their time and helps in customer retention. A slow website can be the reason for customers getting bored or leaving the site too soon. Here, PHP ensures the creation of a website with a fast turnaround time with the help of smooth integration, quick data processing, and wonderful customization abilities provided by different custom management systems. Firstly, it was used to develop dynamic web pages.

The PHP code can be easily used with the HTML allowing developers to turn the present website code into the dynamic one, hence we can say that PHP is used to create a fully-fledged website based on the HTML standards.

5. Easy to Alter & Faster to Code

PHP web app development services are preferable by businesses because PHP code is easy to alter when needed in comparison to other languages, therefore it takes less time in the process. According to the latest requirements of the market, web solutions can be modified to stay competitive at a reasonable cost. Each time, when there is added new functionality to the solution, it will not cost a single penny. Businesses will be also provided constant support from their chosen PHP development company in Dubai as per their project requirements.

6. Augmented Security

PHP is considered the most trustworthy programming language due to its comprised built-in security measures preventing it from virus and malware attacks. It is the reason why online store administration frameworks such as OpenCart and Joomla are used for PHP development solutions. When you choose PHP for website development, you are automatically making the right choice.

7. Support from Large Community

PHP has been in the market for about 26 years and now, it has a large community to get support from. Whenever developers face any issue throughout the development process, they have the option to go through the Q&A pages or PHP forums to get out of it by finding answers.

There is a lot of documentation on the official PHP website to help out the newbies and provide them the knowledge about PHP functions and its structure. These websites also provide news about the newly released PHP updates to improve the user experience.

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8. User-friendly

Similar to most programming languages, PHP also provides its users with a friendly environment. Be it any server-side PHP version, all of them have easy and free-to-use functions. It has been the first choice for many developers due to its clear and systematic nature. Even, a novice or a beginner can also learn PHP easily as they only need to understand the PHP command functions.

9. Wide Variety of Resources & Tools

Your chosen web development company can acquire a lot of benefits by using PHP to create web solutions for your business. PHP offers a lot of resources and tools to help developers at the time of the website development process. It involves varied ready-to-use tools comprising dependency managers, documentation, frameworks, editors, etc. It also has different extensions beneficial to increase the power of PHP.

10. CMSs Strengthened by PHP

PHP empowers various famous content management systems such as Drupal, WordPress, Magneto, Joomla, and others. It refers that the core of these popular platforms is written into PHP. This programming language works as a doorway to creating a customized and successful solution.  Now all you need to do is to join hands with a reliable PHP development company.

In Essence

Websites have become an essential source to promote businesses, hence no other option can be better than using PHP to create an enterprise web solution. No matter, what size or field your business belongs to, you can go for PHP anytime. Above, we have mentioned all the reasons that will give you clarity why you should prefer PHP over any other programming language. PHP ensures to meet all the business needs and creates a powerful and fully-fledged web solution.

For this, you must find a top-notch web development company that provides PHP development services in Dubai to accommodate your enterprise needs. SemiDot Infotech can be a go-to option in this reference as it has years of experience in creating compatible, scalable, and feature-rich web solutions with the help of skilled and experienced PHP developers.