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Using mobile apps has become a necessity as well as a trend in today’s modern world integrated with technologies and immense use of the internet. The percentage of people using the internet and mobile applications across the globe is increasing at a rapid rate. Worldwide, UAE is one of the leading nations that have a striking percentage of mobile internet users.

Therefore, it offers a significant opportunity for enterprises to launch a mobile app for scaling their business and earning better revenues. But, it is also necessary to check what all mobile apps are leading the market and are in huge demand among the user base. This will not only help businesses to have a stable entry but also to earn a competitive edge.

Mobile App Ideas for UAE Businesses

With time, both people and businesses are switching to online modes for purchasing and selling the commodities respectively. Digitalization has made it essential for companies to have their online presence in order to stay in the competition. Let’s check some of the trending app ideas for UAE businesses:

1. Family Locator App

The need for the family locator apps is not limited to one nation but it is the demand of the entire world. In the present scenario, people are too concerned and worried about their loved ones and because of the modern work culture, it is not possible to follow your kids or family members to every place. But, the family location tracking apps can do that in the comfort of your home.

To start your business, you can hire any company in UAE that provides mobile app development services and have experience in developing family or kids tracking mobile apps. It is one of the most booming sectors that can help you to earn high revenues in a short duration.

2. Language Learning App

UAE is a hub of employment opportunities as there are thousands of MNCs working in the nation and so, people are seeking employment in those companies. But many times, there comes a need for bilingual people who can converse well in another language to help fetch more customers. Therefore, it is the demand of the hour to learn one more language other than the mother tongue. Even, kids in UAE are keen to learn multiple languages.

Therefore, it is a wonderful opportunity for businesses to develop online language learning apps that can help people well-versed in different languages. If you are also looking for some of the top mobile app ideas for business in Dubai, then it is one of the most lucrative choices you can go with to attain immense growth.

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3. Online Taxi-booking App

Online taxi booking services are one of the best business ideas for enterprises in the UAE. There are several factors behind the growth of the taxi-hailing industry including the rapid expansion of UAE, population growth, and improvement in the country’s infrastructure and transportation. All these have together increased the demand for online taxi booking. It is one of the Dubai business mobile app ideas that have a huge potential in the present time.

Businesses can enter this sector by developing mobile apps that can enhance passenger comfort in online taxi booking. Also, the UAE government has also passed an initiative in the year 2017 to offer first-class services and enable sustainable transportation systems. This has resulted in the growth of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) ride-hailing market.

4. Social Media App

There are various mobile app ideas that can be used by the businesses in UAE to develop mobile apps. But the one with an extensive potential user base is a social media mobile app. As per the data, in the year 2021, there has been a huge percentage of UAE people being users of various social media platforms. There were approximately 8.60 million users on YouTube followed by 7.85 million users on Facebook. This number is increasing day by day because of the easy connectivity with the global world.

Businesses can hire a mobile app development company in Dubai to get a scalable social media app to connect with people worldwide, these apps are the major source of communication and interconnectivity.

5. eCommerce App

As per the data, the global eCommerce market is growing with an upsurge rate in UAE, changing the dynamics of business models as well as the consumer behaviour in almost all sectors. Because of the global pandemic and continuous digitalization, the online eCommerce marketplace has gained huge popularity in past few years. And all the producers, retailers, and wholesalers have been obliged to use digital platforms for fetching the attention of the customers. In the GCC region, there are huge logistics networks and high per capita income that have resulted in the growth of technological advancements.

By the year 2025, it is forecasted that the UAE eCommerce market will reach 17 billion U.S. dollars. These eCommerce mobile apps are likely to attain huge profits as the demand for online good and services are increasing day by day. Businesses can launch eCommerce mobile apps in the market that can offer a smooth and augmented shopping experience to the users. Thus, businesses can hire a company that provides eCommerce development services in Dubai for improved sales and revenue generation.

6. Pill Reminder App

The advancement of technology and the use of mobile apps have not only helped industries but have also helped the users in many ways that can improve their health. One of the high-yield mobile app ideas for businesses is to develop a pill reminder app. In today’s time, people are more prone to health-related issues and for better health, they need to follow some or other medication. But because of many factors, they tend to forget to take medicines on time such as due to old age, falling asleep, busy schedule, etc. But such medical nonadherence can result in several health complexities.

As per one of the surveys, it was found that a total percentage of 64.6% of diabetic patients in the UAE are considered non-adherent. These people miss their daily does once or twice. Therefore, there is a huge percentage of the population that is likely to use the app for their daily monitoring and reminder of medication. Businesses can hire mobile app developers from a reputed and experienced company for developing a pill reminder app as it will not only help people to remain cautious towards medication but also give huge profits to the businesses launching these apps.

7. Food Recipe App

According to various studies, it is found that nowadays people are fond of using food recipe apps for preparing their daily meals. The use of these apps has been so increased because of the feasibility of using such apps and getting information in just a few taps. Food recipe mobile apps have now been a mandatory tool for people who love to cook varied forms of cuisines. With these apps, they get an idea of how they can cook and what they can cook.

In the last few years, the food recipe apps are ruling the mobile app market and also the food industry because of an extensive user base. Therefore, businesses can hire a web design company in Dubai to get an online food recipe app and enter the UAE market for rapid growth and profitable returns.

8. Logistics App

When we discuss the retail sector of UAE, it is growing at an upsurge rate because of the rapid infrastructure developments. And with this, there is a need for business operations to carried out smoothly. For this, businesses require a logistics app that can help in transportation management, fleet tracking, etc.

The retail sector is at a boom right now and thus it offers a great opportunity for the businesses to come up with an idea for logistics mobile apps. This is not only a profitable business idea but with time, it will help businesses to grow dramatically.

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9. Beauty & Cosmetic Store App

With time, people are switching to online shopping and purchasing of articles may it be groceries, apparel, accessories, etc. But one of the leading categories is beauty and cosmetic products. Consumers now have developed a tendency to purchase these cosmetic products online as they get a huge variety to select from on a single platform. Also, they can compare the prices and have deliveries at their place.

Businesses can build a beauty and cosmetic store app that can fetch the attention of the masses as it is one of the most trending app ideas to be practiced right now. You can also hire a mobile app development company that can help you create a user-friendly and responsive online cosmetic store app.

10. Tourist App

UAE tourism is the point of attraction for visitors across the world. People spend a lot of money to see the beauty of the country’s astonishing places and to experience a lavish life. On holidays, people want to visit Dubai as their dream destination as it is one of the most cherishing places for visitors to spend their vacations. But to visit all the famous places in the country, it is necessary to know about the places and locations in detail.

The tourist apps are the ones that help visitors to find good restaurants, fine hotels to stay, famous places, shopping areas, historical and heritage views, and many more. Thus, it shows the need for such tourist mobile apps and therefore, businesses can hire a local web design company in Dubai that can help design a mobile app that can attract and assist visitors during their vacation in the country. It is surely a good idea for businesses to commence with.

11. Grocery Home Delivery App

Groceries are one of those things that are required by every household on daily basis. But because of the busy schedules and other factors, many people are unable to get time to buy groceries. For every single thing, one cannot visit the market again and again and thus there comes to the rescue, the grocery home delivery apps. These mobile apps are now part of every household as it offers benefits like instant deliveries, time-saving and cost-effectiveness.

It is one of the most demanding apps in the UAE market and businesses can develop an online grocery delivery app by getting in touch with a company that provides efficient iOS and Android app development services.

12. Fitness & Workout App

Because of the pandemic, people are now so concerned for their health and fitness that they want to follow a fixed routine that can help them to do physical exercises, yoga, and various other fitness-related activities. But, people are more likely to perform all such activities from the comfort of their homes. Hence, to address the increased demand for such workout and fitness apps, businesses can develop mobile apps with much more advanced functionalities.

These apps can incorporate many types of physical exercises so as to attract an extensive user base. Even in premium features, there can offer customized plans for the users as per their requirements. Hence, it is one of the leading UAE business app ideas to work on for growing returns in a short time.

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13. Online Doctor Consultation App

In many health issues, there is a need for regular consultation from the doctors as the treatment is much dependent upon the progress of the patients. And for that, there is a need to see the doctor either by visiting in person or by getting online assistance so that the treatment process goes smoothly.

For the ease of patients, there are now online doctor consultation apps present in the market but still, the percentage of such apps is comparatively very low than the required one. Thus, businesses can create such apps that can develop a link between the patients and the health service providers of the UAE.

14. Digital Payment App

Because of various reasons may it be safety or health and hygiene, people are using digital modes for a maximum of their day-to-day activities. And one of the most adaptive changes has been the use of digital payment mobile apps.

There has been an intensive use of online payment modes or e-wallets for all-day expenses. It is also found that across the nation, approximately 77% of the population prefer contactless payments. Hence, it is surely a good idea for businesses to start with. They can also hire a company that can provide proficient Android and iOS app development services for UAE businesses.

15. On-demand Car Cleaning App

In UAE, approximately 300 thousand vehicles are purchased every year and this number is likely to increase in the coming time. With such a massive number, there also requires vehicle cleaning services on regular basis. But sometimes, it becomes a difficult job and therefore the vehicle owners need people who can offer these washing and car maintenance services. Hence, businesses can seek a good opportunity to earn money by developing an online car cleaning app.

Summing Up

An online presence is one of the most essential aspects for businesses now. Consumers need a mobile application for the maximum of their work which increases the demand for mobile apps for day-to-day needs. In the UAE market, people are more technology-driven and thus if businesses can use any of the above-mention ideas then they have high chances of improving their revenues as well as earning a huge customer base.

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