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Apple holds the second-largest share market after Android and with every passing year, the popularity of iOS devices is increasing. The reason behind it is the interactive and beneficial features and functionalities provided to users. iOS apps are setting the bar high day by day by adopting new trends. Because of all these things, it is leading the mobile app market.

Not only the users, but iOS is also opening new ways for developers as well by permitting them to use innovative technologies while creating iOS solutions. Enterprises that want to catch the attention of their audiences are embracing new development trends while ensuring the users’ safety at the time of iOS mobile app development. As per the statistics, there were approx. 26,000 iOS mobile applications have been launched via Apple App Store based on the last assessed report.   

It seems like businesses are all set to satisfy the ever-changing need of their customers by espousing new iOS development trends for 2023. Are you eager to know about those new trends to take advantage of futuristic technologies? Let’s run into the top iOS app development trends that are worth your attention-

Here we have created a list of the latest iOS mobile app development trends that are being popular among mobile app development companies and iOS mobile app developers.

1. Increasing Use of Swift

It is essential to select an appropriate programming language to develop a proficient mobile app. When it comes to iOS mobile application development, expert mobile app developers believe that Swift is the most applied and reliable language. Swift has gained the trust of an extensive user base with time. This programming language has provided developers with an open-source platform with useful technical advancements. With Swift, it is not difficult for developers to shift from version 4 to version 5 using the present compiler version.

Many other features make Swift worth using, they are- API & module stability, compatibility, clear syntax, and others. Large-scale firms such as LinkedIn, Apple, Slack, etc. worldwide are using this programming language. The popularity of Swift has reached heights as there is news flashing that Swift 6 is on the way but experts have not announced any specific date for its launch yet. This version will come with lots of new features and capabilities that will bring improvements in the development process.

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2. Augmented & Virtual Reality     

In the last few years, Apple has made a fast growth by including ARKit2 in its latest releases. It will launch the next version of its AR iOS technology that will be announced with iOS 12. This version will offer a multi-user AI experience along with the features such as 3D object detection, better face tracking, and object measurement ability. Market giants like L’Oreal and IKEA follow the AR iOS app development trend to be in the race and let their customers know how their products will work on them.   

iOS developers and users are able to get more opportunities and experiences via using ARKit5. Currently, this technology has been merged with machine learning allows you to keep AR objects at a particular location through a Location Anchor. This ARKit5 has enabled users with new features such as depth API, instant AR placement, motion capture, and so on.

3. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

There is nothing like you have not been acquainted with the terms: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Apple has recently brought up the core process A12 Bionic imbued with the Neural Engine. It will be beneficial in the tasks relevant to machine learning such as emojis, Face ID, etc.  Without AI and ML, we can hardly imagine a competitive iOS mobile app with the features like search recommendations, face & speed recognition, text & image classifications, Siri functionality, and others. These all are possible to function by integrating AI and ML into iOS apps.

While hiring any leading iOS app development company in Dubai, just ensure it has worked with core ML introduced by Apple in 2017. The core ML allows developers to combine ML models including video, sound, image, text, etc. into iOS apps to do predictions according to the entered data.     

4. Blockchain

Blockchain technology has now been adopted by different industries to secure the large volume of their confidential data. Nowadays, all the iOS app development solutions are integrated with the blockchain to get help in the decentralized encryption of sensitive information. This technology is integrated into mobile wallets to provide data integrity to users. Apple has adopted this trend to aid the second layer of protection for iOS mobile applications.

5. IoT & Wearables

Apple has come up with its own IoT solution known as HomeKit that helps developers to connect and control iOS mobile apps with different internet-connected gadgets. These HomeKit apps help iOS users to create actions to get control over these devices and make them function with the help of Siri.

When it comes to wearable gadgets, no one can compete with Apple. The HomeKit framework permits users to easily communicate with the systems integrated into their homes. Through it, developers can use the wearables using these iOS mobile apps easily.

6. Chatbot

Chatbots are rising as a sensation in the world of mobile applications. While acquiring iPhone app development services in UAE, it is the most important feature to integrate into iOS mobile apps. Chatbot integration is beneficial as it can do employee tasks in less time and businesses can provide their customers with 24*7 support and services. Chatbots are able to provide instant replies while considering customer satisfaction. At the same time, these are supportive and user-friendly as well.  

7. Cloud Computing

Cloud-based iOS mobile applications are another popular iOS app development trend that we might see in the future. The number of iOS users who are using iCloud is increasing with time, thus, it will not be a surprise if see more cloud-based iOS apps in the coming time.

iCloud was launched in 2011 and worked as a service to sync the iPhone’s data with the cloud. It helps to manage the data across all Apple’s devices. iCloud also includes other useful features such as data backup, file storage, and documents’ secure copy. It will help to eradicate the need of saving the data locally on any device while providing a secure & centralized repository for businesses.

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8. iBeacon

Basically, Beacon technology is used to locate the nearby outlets by using the mobile phones or we can say it facilitates users with improved location-based search. On this basis, Apple has also come up with the iBeacon protocol to integrate into iOS mobile app development solutions.

The iBeacon device uses Bluetooth technology to track the location of the user’s device. It is integrated into iOS mobile apps and helps marketers to send personalized messages to their customers. Hence, it is obvious that iBeacon is a new trend for iOS mobile apps to boost marketing.

9. The arrival of 5G

The 5th generation of wireless technology is meant to deliver a more consistent user experience with the help of a collection of networks. The 5G rollout is forecasted to go down by the end of 2023 and it is predicted that nearly about 660 million smartphones will have a 5G connection which refers to around 47.5% of all the devices. With the arrival of the 5G network, the app development for iPhone must be facilitated with this new trend to provide iOS users a never-like-before experience.

10. Security

While talking about iOS app development, you must hire iOS app developers in Dubai who can provide you with a secure mobile app. In today’s time where security is a major concern, Apple has managed to provide its users with a secure environment via the App Transport Protection feature.

It is not just a trend but the responsibility of the firm to upgrade the security functions to prevent any type of cyber-attacks and data breaches. At the time of development, your chosen mobile app development company in Dubai must use the TLS v12 protocol so that the apps can connect through a secure HTTPS connection. Also, users can analyse the occurred exceptions with the help of a few keys.

11. Smarter Siri

With the increasing modernization, Siri is also getting smarter. The launch of SiriKit has enabled iPhone application development companies and developers to build iOS and wearables that can operate Siri just by the voice of users. AI-powered Siri is providing users with more advanced search results and works within some specific intents of domains. SiriKit can be accessed even if the device is locked. Along with using shortcut keys, SiriKit can also be incorporated with other platforms such as SiriKit music on Home Pod, SiriKit media on Apple TV, and WatchOS 8. s

Last Words

Adoption of these iOS app development trends today can benefit you tomorrow in so many ways. As we can see that the demand for more proficient technological advancements is increasing with time, therefore, it becomes significant to embrace them in order to be in the race. These new trends come with advanced capabilities related to hardware and software, rising backend processes, and others that help iOS app developers in Dubai to create iOS solutions in a better way. Looking at the market, SemiDot Infotech has also accepted the different trends for iOS mobile app development services in 2023. You can contact us to get any kind of service.