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React Native: A feather in the cap of Facebook!

When mobile app development used to be slow, taking long weeks to build one app, here comes React Native, a game-changer in the field of mobile app development. When it was launched in the summer of 2013, it gave a super-rich experience to the developers to let build apps with minimum time, effort, and cost. Single teams, rapid iterations, and quick results are the significant aspects of React Native. It is a Java-script-based framework and thus, developers who possess the knowledge of JavaScript can build mobile applications easily using React Native too.

There are so many big names that have used React Native such as Tesla, Skype, Instagram, Airbnb, Walmart, and many more. Such brands gained massive recognition and extended market share when they launched their mobile applications. These applications were built using React Native framework. Even entrepreneurs who are willing to enter the digital world of business can use React Native app development services to have a scalable and responsive application for capturing the market.

The market of Dubai is evolving with time; digitalization is at its peak; one can witness the integration of modern technologies in almost all business sectors. Thus, demand for mobile applications is also increasing day by day. If you are also amazed by the rapid scalability of react native applications and looking forward to building one, then this piece of writing can surely assist you in understanding the core aspects of react native app development.

In this guide, we will discuss what is React Native, its advantages, and the cost to develop react native apps.

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What is React Native?

React Native is a popular and extensively used programming framework that was developed by Meta formerly Facebook. It allows developers to create unique, responsive, and fully featured mobile applications that work on both platforms including Android and iOS. The developers use JavaScript, the universal programming language.

JavaScript takes use of similar fundamental blocks just as the common Android and iOS applications. While using JavaScript, these blocks are put together to develop codes. There is a lot of time and cost saving in React native app development as the developers do not need to build different codes or make apps from scratch across every operating system, rather they can reuse the existing codes only.

One of the best aspects of react native is that there is a minimal difference between the apps developed using react native and the ones built using native code such as Java or Objective-C. This is a community-driven framework that is open-sourced and has several developers sharing their expertise and inputs to improve the framework now and then.

Now, let’s quickly explore the key advantages of using React Native for mobile app development in the coming section.

Benefits of React Native for App development

While you are looking forward to hiring a company that can offer efficient react native app development services, you might always think of what benefits and advantages react native can give your application.

Benefits of React Native App Development

So here is the list of some of the significant benefits you would be receiving if you select react native for mobile app development. Let’s discuss:

  • Cost-effective & Budget-Friendly

In react native app development, the application needs to be built only once by using JavaScript whereas, in the case of native app development, it is required to make individual applications for Android and iOS. Because the codes are written only for a single time, it reduces the cost to develop react native app and makes the entire project budget-friendly and cost-effective.

  • Use of JavaScript

According to the data, JavaScript is the most popular and widely used programming language across the globe.

Source: Statista

As per the stats, approximately 65 percent of the total respondents make use of JavaScript for cross-platform app development. And thus, it is a key benefit of using React Native because it is also written in JavaScript.

  • Open Source

The best thing about React Native app development is that React Native is open source. The developers can make use of all the frameworks and libraries without paying any charges. Even Reactive Native falls under the category of MIT license where there are very limited restrictions on the use and reuse of software. Also, legal protection is offered to the developers.

  • Performance

React native mobile applications are much popular for their efficient performance. Users experience seamless app performance as there are leveraged graphics processing units (GPUs) for high-class & best app performance.

  • Speedy Development

When you look for mobile app development, the most important point to be considered is its launch time. As the developers can take use of the already existing codes for numerous platforms, the app development process results to be speedy.

  • Hot Reloading

The primary reason behind the increase in demand for react native app development services is that it offers an excellent experience to the developers. And for this, the most important factor that plays a vital role is the reloading time of the react native applications. In case the application is developing, then also it will take only a second to save the file and to see the amendments. The benefit of using React Native for app development is that even when the app is running in the background, the files with new versions can be added. Thus, in case of user interface modification, there will be no loss of data.

  • Need a Small Development Team

For react native app development, you need to hire react native app developers. Here, the maximum effort is laid on JavaScript. In the case of native application development, there require two different teams of developers specializing in Android app development and iOS app development. Because of two different teams, there can be caused a delay in the development process as well a lot of communication gaps can take place. This may further lead to issues with in-app features and functionalities. Whereas in react native, you need to hire a JavaScript developer for cross-platform app development. Thus, you will need a small team if you go for react native app development instead of native app development.

  • Large Community of Developers

Because of the various benefits and open-source nature, there is a huge community of React native developers. The collaborative approach and experience help the new developers in project completion while they are stuck somewhere. Other than the official handles, numerous events and conferences take place from time to time.

(Source: Statista)

As per the data, React Native is one of the worldwide popular and accepted frameworks used by developers. A total of 42% of the respondents use React native while providing android app development services and iOS app development services.

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How Much Does React Native App Development Cost?

Whenever any business looking to develop an app for their business, it is necessary to check how much would the app development cost would be and what factors can have a direct impact on it. This section will help you to get notified of the various factors that together build the total cost of developing a React native mobile application. Check the following for a better understanding:

1. Features & Complexity Level

While calculating the react native app development cost in Dubai, the first factor that holds huge significance is the app complexity level. This level is dependent upon the integration of functionalities and features. When there are only basic functions then the app complexity level is low and if there are advanced features then the app complexity level is high.

2. Design of the App

While calculating React Native app development cost, the design cost must be considered as well. In the app development process, there are particularly two stages that comprise design and prototyping. Numerous UI and UX component elements help to design scalable apps to provide users with a rich experience. But these customized designs can add extra cost to the overall cost of development.

3. Skillset of Developers

While estimating the cost to develop a react native app, the experience and skill set of the developers also play a vital role. To make a highly responsive application, you are required to hire expert mobile app developers and the charges of the app developers are not fixed. Thus, if the developers are experienced and professional, the cost of development will be on the higher side. But before that, it will be better to get tips to hire a mobile app development company in Dubai and then, hire a top firm

4. Geographical Location

When it comes to the tech ecosystem, it is a fact that the cost of hiring a mobile app development company differs based on the location too. The per-hour cost of developers is different in Asia, Europe, or any other country. In some places, you might hire react native at a low price but in developed nations, it might cause you a little more.

5. App Maintenance

The development phase or the costs associated are not just finished with the launch of the application in the market. Rather, there are so many costs related to the cost of developing an application after its launch. Businesses need to pay huge attention to the user experience, issues faced by the customers, and app maintenance. Thus, for all such things and offering support to the users, there is a cost of app maintenance and support which is also covered-in while calculating the total cost of development.

While you are learning how to make a react native app or analyzing the total cost of development make sure that you consider other aspects as well such as security, quality, and updates. From taking into consideration the above-mentioned factors, the Cost to build react native app ranges between $15,000 – $30,000. This cost is variable depending upon the features, functionalities, and selection of the react native app development company.

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Future of React Native

React native is adopted and used by millions and billions of app developers for building solutions that are user-friendly and cost-effective. With the world going digital, people demand fast tools, shortcuts, and speed. And all these aspects indicate that the future of React Native is too bright.

From the vast community of experienced and knowledgeable react native developers to the speedy development of apps, React Native is on the verge to grow and earn more revenues. And thus, you can create or build unique mobile applications using react Native. As per the expert developers, React Native is one of the leading and best frameworks for cross-platform development.


From rapid and speedy development to easy app maintenance, everything is so hassle-free and cost-effective with React Native. It is a framework that is developing with time and there are a huge number of businesses and people associated with the use of this platform. Even cost and time can also be reduced when you go for React native app development. With all the benefits mentioned in this guide, React Native can surely be considered the best framework for your business and mobile app development project.

If you are also looking for a react native app development company Dubai for your dream project, then SemiDot Infotech would surely be the one who can provide you with the best possible solutions meeting all your business requirements. There is a team of professionals who work together to build unique and responsive mobile apps for their clients worldwide.

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