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Technology is bringing every service to our fingertips from grocery apps, delivery apps, to car wash apps. Vehicles are an essential part of our life and are used for daily travel, long trips, and to attend functions. With all those lengthy trips, these vehicles come in contact with dust and pollutants which make them untidy. And we all know washing vehicles especially cars are a tough job to do but necessary as well. A car wash helps to keep the car in good condition and get rid of dust and pollutants making them durable for a long-time.

Gone are the days when we used to stand in a long queue and wait for getting our car washed. The time has changed, and now you can easily book, schedule, search and select a service provider to wash your car. So, it becomes necessary to keep your car clean and service it timely.

With the success of Keno, the demand for an experienced car wash app development company has increased as many businesses are coming forward to build feature-rich solutions to give customers a personalized experience.

Read this blog to know more about how to develop a car wash app like KENO, features to integrate into such apps, market stats, and the cost to develop a car wash app.

Let’s Get to Know About Car Wash App

A car wash service app is a platform through which various service provider offers their services and user can select among those cleaning services, and the car wash is done at the user’s desired location. Businesses can have iOS or Android app development services, to integrate the car wash apps with the best features that will help users save time and take service with just one click. Instead of scheduling an appointment, standing in line, and waiting for their turn, users can just book the car wash app service using their phones.

What is Keno App?

what is keno app

Keno is a car wash service provider app based in UAE. The app also includes amazing UI/UX with easy-to-navigate features for its users. They have grown exponentially over the years with affordable pricing and money-saving offers. They also affirm to be a nature-friendly car wash app as they don’t waste water and even recycle used water. With the success of Keno, the demand for a mobile app development company in Dubai has increased to build such car wash apps.

The keno app is one of its kind as keno accounts for their car washers as ninjas because they are given good training and are only able to work on users’ cars once they are well-trained. Only for interior cleaning, users need to contact the ninjas, apart from that, there is no need to contact the washers. To build keno like an app, you can take the help of your development company for a feature-rich and scalable solution but consider the keno-like app development cost as well.

Working Process of Car Wash App like Keno

The major factor behind the success of an app like keno is the features incorporated in the app, their functioning, easy-to-navigate features, and significant customer service.

The traditional ways of car washing have stayed behind, and people have started choosing such apps to book their car wash app. It is no tough call to understand that the proper working of any car wash app adds to its mobile app success factor. Keno working is as follows to help you understand how a car wash app works-

  • The user is given an option to sign-up with an email id or social media and can log in with just a password combined with social media after that.
  • The second step is to choose your car type and choose from available services among all the numerous services offered by the service provider.
  • Now, users can request services from their location, all the nearby service providers will be able to see the request.
  • The service provider who will be interested in providing the service will accept the request.
  • The app user will schedule the car wash and the service provider will reach the exact place according to the schedule.
  • When the car wash provider will arrive at the destination, he will be able to request the keys from the app.
  • The user during the time will be able to track the work and see the updates on the app. After the completion of the work, the provider will upload an image of the car along with paying his price and rate the services.
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Current Market Statistics of Car Wash App

Over the years, the popularity of car wash apps upsurged in the market, here are a few markets stats about the global car wash app market from the year 2022 to 2029.

Market Statistics of Car Wash App

According to the research, the car wash app market will reach $37526.01 Million by 2029, which means the car wash app market will see a surge at a CAGR of 3.1% during the given period. Businesses are taking solutions further such as Careem which is an all-in-one app availing car wash and also other facilities at your doorstep. Firms are coming forward to develop an app like Careem or Keno believing it to be a great revenue model.

The countries enclosed in this research are the U.S., Germany, Italy, France, South Korea, India, Argentina, Philippines, Turkey Switzerland, U.A.E, and many more. The car wash market has conquered the Asia-Pacific region and North America is likely to see an upsurge in the car wash market. Due to responsiveness among people to timely maintain their car washes and services, people are likely to go to a car wash thrice a month. This will surely increase and improve the market for car wash apps. With these stats, you can consider this as an ideal time to hire car wash app developer and get a robust car wash app solution from him.

Different Types of Car Wash Applications

While choosing the company to build a car wash app like keno, you should have a precise and clear understanding of the types of car wash apps available in the market. So that you can understand the requirement of your project and discuss them with your development company. Listed below are two types of car wash apps, you can choose among them.

1. Aggregator Apps

Aggregator apps model of car wash app provides the central platform to buyer and service provider. The service provider will offer their services on the platform and users can choose according to their suitability. You should discuss your requirements with your car wash mobile app development company to get good guidance about suitable types for your app.

2. Dedicated Apps

The dedicated apps model of the car wash app will solely be offering services for car wash solutions. The user can pick from several categories of car wash which helps in increasing the user-engagement. The car wash service is thriving currently, to get on the positive side you can get on-demand car wash app development solution from an experienced development company.

Essential Features to Integrate in a Car Wash App

Choosing the right model for your business is not enough to become successful, you have to get a feature-rich app to attract the users. Here we are providing you with some essential features to integrate into your mobile car wash app development. We have categorized them into three different panels that are-

User Panel

The car wash app needs to have easy-to-use features in the user panel.

Car Wash App User Panel

Here are some must-have functions in your car wash app user-panel.

  • User Signup

This is one of the most important features of any application. To make your app user-friendly, include easy user signup and login process. You can also provide users the facility to sign-up with different Gmail accounts as well as different social media accounts. This feature will help users to fill in the credentials automatically and access the car wash app. Whether it’s Android or iOS app development services, you need to make sure that you get an easy sign and uncomplicated sign-up feature for app users.

  • Tracking Car Wash Order

This is an essential feature of the app; you have to provide users with timely updates about their car wash app. This way, they will be able to know about their booking status, whether your company has accepted the request or not, and if they are done with their car wash services or not.

  • Various Service Available

Your app should have numerous services availed in it. Different services such as backlight repairing, oil changing, backlights, engine cleaning, and servicing. The customers should be able to select among different services for their car.

  • Location and Map Integration

The app should be integrated with the map feature which will help the users to know about the nearest service provider. Integrating location & map features while having car wash development services will benefit the service providers to reach their destination without any trouble.

  • Payment Integration

Users should be given the facility to make payments from different digital payment gateways for their convenience. They should be able to pay with the help of online banking debit/credit cards, or other payment gateways.

  • Feedback and Review

To see whether the user liked your app or if it requires improvement, your app should have a review or rating feature for the customer. This will surely help you to improve in case needed.

  • Search for Nearby Providers

Your car wash app should have a feature to search for nearby providers in the area to compare and take their services. Once the app locates the user’s location or the customer fills in the location manually, all the service providers’ nearby areas should be visible to the users.

  • In-App Chat and Call

This is a necessary feature required by your car wash app user and service provider. Both parties have different inquiries, in-app chat and calls are necessary to resolve the issues as soon as possible and also to avoid any kind of misunderstanding.

Service Provider Panel

The service provider also needs to have panel to keep their users informed timely and update them with the progress.

Car Wash App Service Provider Panel

Below we have discussed some functions for your service-provider panel.

  • Service Status

Car wash service goes through different phases, this feature will help the technician to upload the picture once it is completed. You can hire mobile app developers to put such features which will help in providing reliability and gratification for the user.

  • Approve/Decline Requests

A car wash service provider/technician should be given the facility through the app to approve or decline the request according to their availability or human resource accessibility.

  • SMS

This feature will help in confirmation of the order, cancellation of the order, delay, payment, or refund of the order. You can let the customer keep the track of these aspects by sending them an SMS about any progress made via the app.

  • Push Notification

A small pop-up doesn’t harm anyone, it is better to let your user know about the update of your work. Meanwhile, let the user track the work which will help both parties to make changes timely if needed or to help the user get any extra package from the service-provider.

Admin Panel

Having an admin panel will help the administrator to manage the app settings, configuration, and analytics. Below are some features that will help admin to streamline the process-

  • Different Dashboard

Keeping track and get in the details of the functioning of the car wash app and checking the working of particular departments, will be beneficial. When you develop a car wash app like Keno, you will need another dashboard for new technicians or car washes as well as to control finances and payments.

This is also necessary to better the service quality, features, and UI/UX design. The admin panel should also have access to the service providers’ and customers’ reviews to do necessary changes timely.

Revenue Model for Your Car Wash App

Before building or launching your car wash app, you are required to know about the revenue model of your car wash app.

Here are some of the revenue-generating models for your app divided into two sections-

1. Primary Source

When a service provider takes the help of car wash apps, the app charges a fee to the washer per service they offer. That service fee is said to be the primary source of income for any app.

2. Secondary Source

The secondary revenue source for car wash apps to make money are-

  • Advertisements

Advertisement is known to be the best revenue-generating source, to be seen by more and more users, service providers, and third parties paying the app owners for advertisements to increase traffic in return.

  • Merchandise

Many brands sell their merchandise like car washing products and provide cleaning shampoo, oil, car wax, and many more to users. This also generates revenue as car wash apps apply charges to businesses for it.

  • Sponsorship

While your car wash app is generating revenue with the service-fee and additional charges. There is no harm in promoting third-party car-related services which will help you add some extra chunks to your revenue.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Car Wash App Like KENO?

After reading this comprehensive guide to develop a car wash app, you will surely be keen to know about Keno app development cost. Car wash app development cost depends on multiple factors such as chosen technology stack, frontend and backend solutions, app designing, features and functionalities, the experience of the development company, and location. But on average, Cost to develop a car wash app will be around $10,000 to $30,000, and it may vary according to your project requirements.


Since the times are changing, more and more businesses are coming forward to have car wash app development services. It may sound an easy and quick work, but it is not. To stand in the competitive market and build your car wash app requires you to have a good understanding of the market of the car wash app. We believe with our above-provided comprehensive study; you got tips to hire an app development company and integrate the given features in your car wash app.

With new and hi-tech tools & technologies, an experienced and skilled app development company can help you to build a successful car wash app with on-demand features and amazing UI/UX designs. If you are looking for such a development company to develop a car wash app like Keno, SemiDot InfoTech will help you to build scalable and cost-effective solutions. If you have any queries, you can contact us. We are here to provide you with expert assistance.


After reading the article, you might have some questions in your mind. Here are some FAQs to clear your doubts.

1. How Much Does It Cost to Build an app for my Car Wash business?

The cost to develop a car wash app depends on various factors such as the experience of the development company, its location, features in your app, complex designs, and more. Based on these, the overall cost to build a car wash app as Keno ranges from $10,000 to $30,000, which may change according to the requirements of your project.

2. How to create an app for my car wash business?

To create an app for a car wash business, you need to do extensive research to shortlist development companies, read customer testimonials, look for budget-friendly companies, and skilled employees to integrate advanced features using the latest technologies. You can choose freelancers too, but an experienced company like SemiDot Infotech can guide you better with the areas for improvement.

3. Why should I go for the custom car wash app development?

With off-the-shelf software development solution, there are a lot of features that go unused and seems like a waste of money. It is better to take custom car wash app development that will help you to keep those features only which are useful.

4. What features to include in an app like KENO?

To build an app like keno, you need to have 3 panels which are the user panel, technical panel, and admin panel including user signup, discounts and packages, payment integration, location & map feature, and others.

5. How does a car wash app works?

Let’s understand how the car wash app works-

Step 1- Install the Keno app. Sign-up with your credentials or log in with your user id and password.

Step 2- Now, you will be able to choose your preferred car wash service from different service providers available on the app and schedule your car wash service according to your scheduled time.

Step 3- The ninjas will come to the user’s chosen location and will take 40-45 minutes to clean your car and post a post-wash pic of the car.

Step 4- After the work is done user will pay the amount and will rate their service on the app.

6. What is the scope of On-demand car wash app development?

Car wash app development is currently in demand with easy features, trouble-freebooking, and amazing customer service. People are looking for more such car wash apps with more unique features and better user experience.

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