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Presently, people worldwide are too dependent on the use of mobile applications for their daily tasks. Digitalization and the use of these mobile applications have improved the lives of the masses in numerous ways. Even, businesses are using these mobile apps to conveniently reach their potential target audience and boost their sales. Eliminating the frictions, these apps have added a high level of transparency & efficiency to the business frameworks. For operating in a digital economy, businesses must build applications that can help in generating sales and increasing their customer base.

Several cases explain the significance of these mobile applications in businesses. Regardless of the size, area, or industry, the demand for mobile apps is at its peak for winning over the competitors. Seeking the benefits these apps can deliver, even Government bodies are employing mobile applications to serve the citizens in the most prominent ways. In this blog, we will discuss a road and transportation mobile application launched by the Dubai government to improve and transform the road and transportation services of the nation.

What is the need for an App like RTA Dubai?

With rapid digitalization and the advancement of technologies, the use of mobile applications has become a need of the hour. There is a vast use of smartphones by people across the world and this is not only for entertainment purposes but also for routine tasks and services. Primarily, commutation has been always a big issue for people in Dubai because of the constantly increased number of vehicles on the road.

People nowadays prefer public transportation over private transportation as it not only saves their time but also the cost. And with the introduction of these road and transport mobile applications, it has been so easy and convenient to commute. Dubai is a technology-driven city where people are much dependent upon the use of mobile apps and when it comes to road and transportation improvement, the Government has launched a mobile application RTA Dubai. Thus, to make things seamless and help people commute efficiently, such apps are much needed.

Features of a Road and Transportation Mobile App like RTA Dubai

To serve an extended user base and to meet all the needs of the masses, there is a need to have certain features and functionalities in a road transport mobile app like RTA Dubai. While you calculate the cost to build a transportation app like RTA Dubai, the integration of these features plays a significant role as the addition of more advanced features increases the overall cost.

Now, let’s discuss the key features of the application:

  • Sign in / Registration

To use the app and the services offered, the users must register by creating an account on the app. Sign-in can be done through mobile number, email id, or by linking the social media account of the user. Once the user is registered, they need to log in with their set credentials i.e., username and password.

  • Dashboard

Once the user has registered on the app, there will be an appealing dashboard to welcome them to the platform. It is a junction where all the services are registered, and users can select the required service out of all.

  • Trip Planning

This feature let the users efficiently plan their trips. The complete trip planning function is performed in a hassle-free manner as the users first need to provide the journey time, destination, and current location. Next, they are required to choose the mode of transportation such as Metro, bus, etc.

  • Map Integration

This feature allows the integration of maps into the application. It will support users to explore all the nearby places to improve their trip planning process.

  • Recharge & Access Cards

For payments, there are prepaid cards integrated into the app so that fiat currencies can be replaced. There is an option available to the users for recharging the prepaid cards as per the usability and convenience of the app users.

  • Pop-up Notification

It is one of the most significant features that need to be taken care of during the road and transportation app development process. It allows sending all the latest updates regarding the app and its features through pop-up notifications. If there is any change or amendment in the app, then it can also be informed to the users through these notifications.

  • GPS Tracking

This feature allows tracking of the vehicles through GPS. The app is integrated with GPS, telematics, or LBS technology to track the real-time location of the vehicles.

  • Customer Support

No matter what type of application is or the services are, the users always need a quick answer to their queries and thus while you create an app like RTA Dubai, in-app customer support is one of the mandatory features that need to be there in the application. Having an integrated chatbot and offline support makes the app more user-friendly.

  • Language Selection

There are available various languages including English, Arabic, Russian, and Hindi. As per the convenience of the users, they can select the preferred language in which they want all the content of the app.

  • Parking

This feature allows users to have parking services where they can also reserve their parking space for some duration. It also lets them find various available parking locations in Dubai.

  • Additional Services

There are plenty of other services that are offered by the Government transportation department to the people. While you develop a road transport app like RTA Dubai you need to add those services too. These include payment for any penalty or fees, change of vehicle ownership, driving license, vehicle registration, selection of vehicle number, recharge, parking card allocation, and many more.

Factors affecting the Cost of Development of an App like RTA Dubai?

As we have discussed earlier how the demand for mobile apps is increasing at an upsurge rate, entrepreneurs are much inclined towards gaining huge returns from this sector through developing a mobile app like RTA Dubai. But when it is to the costing part, the cost to develop an app like RTA Dubai is impacted by several factors. These factors can increase or decrease the cost depending upon their implementation by the transportation app development company in the development process.

Let’s discuss these factors thoroughly:

1. Use of Operating System

Whether you are looking for iOS app development solutions or Android app development solutions, selecting the correct operating system is a must for business growth. It is necessary to analyze the target audience and to check which platform has more demand for such apps. You can also go for Hybrid and Native apps as with these apps, the application is developed on both platforms. In such apps, a single programming language is used and for this, you are required to find expert developers from a company that provides both iOS and Android app development services in Dubai. This will ultimately increase the overall cost to develop a mobile app like RTA Dubai. But such apps deliver highly efficient performance.

2. Tech Stack

In the present time, mobile applications are built using top-notch tech-stack such as machine learning, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and many others. But the use of these technologies can increase the taxi booking app development cost in Dubai.

3. Functionalities & Features

With more advanced features and functionalities, mobile app development solutions become highly usable and popular. The intricate features can have a huge impact on the overall cost and expenses. Thus, while you are looking for how to build an RTA app, you must take care of the number of features and functions according to your budget.

4. Integrations & App Size

To use the services of the third-party APIs, it is essential to pay them. Therefore, the increased number of integrations will ultimately put the cost to develop an app like RTA Dubai on a higher side. Also, more integration would result in increased app size which is another key factor responsible for the cost upsurge.

How much does it Cost to Develop a Mobile App like RTA Dubai? 

The cost to develop a transportation app like RTA Dubai varies with the change in the factors that affect the cost. It is difficult to get the exact figure but taking into consideration of the above-mentioned factors and other aspects like the number of pages, app design, and many more. But the average cost to develop an app like RTA Dubai will be around $15000 to $20000.

Summing Up

Mobile apps like RTA Dubai have several advantages and benefits for the users, government, and businesses. If you are also looking forward to building an application then first you must understand all the concepts related to how to develop a mobile app like RTA Dubai. After that, you must also make sure that your application has other unique integrated features and services to provide a more rich and usable experience to the users. To build an application you can hire mobile app developers in Dubai from a reputed mobile app development company.

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