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The on-demand grocery shopping list apps have made life simple for many of us, where we can order grocery items direct from the supermarket instead of waiting at the payment queue handling the laden trolley of grocery items. The whole credit goes to the evolution of grocery delivery apps

Most people usually choose week-offs to purchase grocery items, but their major portion of the day goes into picking the products at the supermarket. In a busy city like Dubai, it can be more.

Top grocery delivery apps in Dubai are the best solution for it that allows you to order the grocery and food at your comfort. You do not need to go outside, drive the car, reach the supermarket, wait for your turn to pay for the order and all. 

Specifically in Dubai or UAE, there are multiple grocery delivery apps in the execution where some of the apps are counted as top grocery delivery apps. Most users mostly prefer these apps.

This blog is all about the best grocery delivery apps in Dubai and UAE that you can refer to if you wish to launch grocery and food delivery apps based on top mobile app ideas.

Apps like Instashop to Spinneys are available at Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, which users can download and use for grocery requirements.

Before we explore the blog for more exciting information about the apps, let’s forward to the upcoming section about the definition and basic info of grocery apps. 

What is a Grocery Delivery App?

Straightforward grocery delivery apps are mobile apps that allow users to choose and order groceries online where they can pay via their preferred methods such as credit card, debit card, net banking or wallet. A user can order grocery items from any place sitting at the office, waiting for a cab, or travelling from one point to another.

The grocery items can be purchased online through omnichannel, quick commerce, or directly from the store. The only condition is that a retailer must have a mobile or a website to facilitate the customers. That’s why grocery delivery app solutions are trending.

What is grocery delivery app

The grocery apps are advantageous in many terms, such as viewing the price of grocery items before ordering, applying coupons or offering codes at the time of paying online; if any item is unavailable, then you can choose substitutes and more.

One of the benefits of new-gen top grocery apps is that it recommends offers or grocery items based on your purchase. The modern apps also save the history and list your order on a monthly or weekly basis.

The best part about top grocery delivery apps is most of the time, there is no delivery fee for the orders, and you can purchase a long list at a discounted price. 

In addition, to know about the online grocery delivery apps in Dubai or UAE, it is best to look at some key stats that are shwocased by the next section of this blog. So, let’s move to it.

Key Stats: Grocery Delivery in Dubai and UAE

grocery delivery apps stats


These key stats help understand market trends of grocery delivery in Dubai and UAE, especially if you want to initiate your startup or business by launching a grocery delivery app.

  • The grocery delivery segment is estimated to reach US$526.60 million in 2022.
  • With an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022-2027) of 29.22%, the projected market volume for 2027 is $1897.20 million.
grocery delivery apps stats new


  • By 2027, the estimated number of users will cross the figure of 3.2 million, and the average revenue per user(ARPU) will be $623.10 US.
  • In 2022, the user penetration rate will be 23.9%.

There are some associated in-scope trends also exist, such as –

  • Users can directly order fresh food, beverages, and grocery items from the platforms/ top food delivery apps or retailer websites.
  • The delivery partners pick up online order packages directly from the supermarket or operate a ghost warehouse.
  • A retailer can handle both online orders and delivery based on their service operations or accordingly.

The reason for mentioning these things is to share information with you only about the current pattern of online grocery delivery in the market. Launching a food delivery app or grocery delivery app in Dubai is such a fantastic idea, as these stats also indicate future growth in the grocery delivery segment.    

Business Models To Consider For Grocery App Development

grocery delivery business models

Any app’s business model ensures how it will work or on which concept it is based. Here we are talking about top grocery delivery apps which follow business models accordingly. Usually, three types of key business models exist for grocery delivery apps which are:

1. Inventory Model

The inventory model facilitates the individual grocery store owners to monitor and maintain the inventory. It is suitable for business owners who buy products from outsiders and maintain a warehouse or storage facility. Additionally, they can know what amount is required to maintain a stock.

Example: Milk Supply, Dairy Products Supply etc.

2. Multi-Vendor Marketplace Model  

It is one of the most popular business models, and most of the top grocery delivery apps in Dubai are based on it. The grocery app based on this model works as a common platform where multiple vendors meet multiple customers or vice versa. Here the source of earnings is the commission on each delivery.

Example: Instashop, Peapod

3. Click and Collect Business Model

In Simplistic terms, customers can buy online and pick up their packages from the physical store. This business model’s concept is BOPSIS, which stands for Buy Online, PIck-Up-In-Store. It is suitable for small retailers where they can’t handle the delivery. However, some big brands are also associated with it.

Example: Instacart, Walmart or a small retail store with a grocery delivery app or a website.

How Grocery Delivery Apps Makes Money?

How Grocery Delivery Apps Makes Money

If you are also searching about how grocery delivery apps earn, then a direct answer is as it makes from the revenue model it follows. These are like:

1. Commission

A grocery delivery platform earns via commission on each sale. The app owner can set the commission process based on products or supply chain requirements.

2. Subscription

Generating revenue via subscriptions means a user can subscribe to the delivery services for a month or year. The best example is subscribing to order and delivery services for milk, vegetables, and farm products.

3. Membership

The grocery delivery app can also earn via offering membership plans in which customers can have premium services such as early arrival delivery, free delivery, specialized discounts and more.

4. Promotions

You can earn via charging advertisement or promotion fees from the vendors. Suppose you own a marketplace multi-vendor app; then you can offer paid services for displaying the ads of a particular vendor among the vendors providing the same products.

Those mentioned above are key revenue models that you can refer to. Other models exist, such as service charges for each delivery and merchandising.   

Till this section, you have gone through all the essential information. Now, it’s time to explore the list of best apps to order grocery in Dubai. So, let’s proceed.

Top Grocery Delivery Apps in Dubai

If you want to order groceries online, these top grocery delivery apps in Dubai are the best to consider. These apps offer unique features and functionalities that users can leverage for all types of home grocery requirements.

From the business point of view, you can also reference these apps and develop a unique app with the help of a top grocery delivery app development company in Dubai that can provide you with the desired solution for your business.

So, let’s get start exploring the detaied list of grocery delivery apps in Dubai!

1. InstaShop: Grocery Delivery

If you are looking for hassle-free grocery shopping online from the local supermarkets on click, then InstaShop is the app for you. It provides ample options for shopping for groceries, ordering medicines, bakeries, butcheries and even pet care products at ease.


InstaShop is advantageous in all terms, from grocery to food ordering and medicines to beauty products; you can order anything from it. It collaborates with some of the best brands, such as Spinneys, Carrefour,Choithrams and more, making it the best online grocery delivery app in Dubai.

Features of grocery delivery app like instashop:

  • Instant online delivery
  • More than 1,000,000 products available
  • Same store prices
  • Multiple brands available on the app

Available On: Android | iOS

2. Kibsons: Groceries at wholesale prices

The app Kibsons is known for groceries for a wholesale price, and the best part is it is known for free delivery anywhere in UAE. It delivers the products directly from the farm to the kitchen.


The Kibsons management has 40 years of experience as an importer, wholesaler, and distributor, which has made it a truncated brand in grocery delivery. Including organic food and grocery items, you can order other stuff such as fruits, vegetables, meat products, juice canes and more.

Features of grocery delivery app like kibsons:

  • Multiple payment option including Kibson Wallet
  • Re-ordering from purchase history and free delivery
  • Loyalty & reward points for shopping
  • Wide variety of organic products available

Available On: Android | iOS

3. NowNow by noon: Grocery & more

If you are searching for an all-in-one grocery delivery app that can deliver essentials for your home to your doorstep, then NowNow by noon is available as one of the trusted and best grocery apps in Dubai.


Including food and grocery items, you can order medicines, shop bakeries or meat online and multiple options. It has a tie-up with multiple speciality stores such as Candylicious, Wild and the moon, Namastea, Down to Earth Organic and more.

Features of grocery delivery app like NowNow:

  • Fast and reliable delivery services
  • Wide range of grocery and organic food products
  • Easy and secure shopping
  • Collaboration with popular brands

Available On: Android | iOS

4. Barakat: Grocery Shopping App

Barakat is an online grocery store that delivers groceries to your doorstep. They have a variety of products from different brands. The idea behind the app is to make it easier for people who have busy lifestyles and don’t have time to go shopping for groceries or cook for themselves.


One of the specialities of this app is to deliver ready-to-eat fresh salads, soups, and gravies on-demand at the customer’s doorstep.

Features of grocery delivery app like Barakarfresh:

  • Vegetables, fresh fruits and daily grocery items delivery at a click.
  • VIP membership and exclusive offers
  • Free same day delivery
  • User can choose timeslot for delivery

Available On: Android | iOS

5. MAF Carrefour: Online Shopping

The app is available on Google Play and Apple App Store with the name MAF Carrefour Online Shopping. You can see nutritional information on all food and grocery items you purchase from Carrefour.


You will be surprised to know that it delivers groceries, electronics, appliances and other household items, including personal care. A user can choose from a wide variety of fresh food from around the world, and the app ensures delivery at the doorstep. 

Features of grocery delivery app like Carrefour:

  • Instant shopping
  • Fresh organic foods and grocery items
  • Stronly supports paperless cash via online payment options and Carrefour wallets.
  • Loyalty points and rewards

Available On: Android | iOS

6. FreshToHome: Meat Delivery

In Dubai, if you are looking for a fantastic option for non-veg and ingredients to cook with it, including other grocery items, then FreshToHome is the best grocery delivery app in Dubai.


On this app, you can easily order grocery items, although this app is known for fresh farm chicken, fresh fish, tender mutton and seafood. This app also helps farmers and fishermen to participate in growth and revenue sharing.

Features of grocery delivery app like FreshToHome:

  • Chemical -free and fresh animal products
  • Grocery, fruits and vegetable delivery
  • Veg and Non-veg snacks
  • Fast Delivery

Available On: Android | iOS

7. Lulu Shopping

The Lulu app offers a wide range of products, such as groceries, fruits & vegetables, beauty & wellness, personal care, household care, diapers & baby care, pet care, organic products, meats, seafood and more. It is also known as Lulu Supermarket and offers seamless online grocery shopping.


You can order groceries and home essentials that will be delivered instantly to your doorstep. One of the best features is “My Favorites” which allows you to save the favourite items you repeatedly want to order.

Features of grocery delivery app like Lulu:

  • 30k+ Products and 1500+ Brands
  • Instant grocery delivery and affordable price
  • Fantastic saving options
  • Excusive discounts and offers

Available On: Android | iOS

8. Choithrams: Grocery Delivery

The Choithrams is one of Dubai’s most trusted and top grocery delivery apps. This app belongs to the Choithrams Supermarket and Department Store, which has been continuously operating for over three decades; then, they launched its app on Android and iOS to facilitate their customers.


From snacks to drinks and grocery items to personal care, you can order anything from this app and get it delivered instantly.

Features of grocery delivery app like Choithrams:

  • Click, shop and drop
  • Easy shopping options
  • Delivery scheduling by customers
  • Easy shopping options

Available On: Android | iOS

9. YallaMarket: Super Fast Grocery Delivery

YallaMarket is an online grocery store that sells fresh produce and other groceries. It is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is known for fast grocery delivery, and it takes  15 -60 minutes maximum to deliver the stuff to your doorstep.


The app management constantly updates the menu to ensure the seamless delivery of grocery and other household products.

Features of grocery delivery app like YallaMarket:

  • Multiple payment options
  • Offers every week
  • Product request
  • High quality products

Available On: Android | iOS

10. Yeebly

Yeebly is one of the top grocery delivery mobile apps in Dubai that allows its users to order the grocery in one click. It delivers the grocery items in the desired time slot.


It delivers most of the items you require for your kitchen, such as high-quality grocery items, fruits, vegetables, seafood and meat at affordable prices. It offers thousands of products to choose from and also meal packs with cooking instructions.

Features of grocery delivery app like Yeebly:

  • Easy browsing among multiple categories
  • Accurate map system for efficient delivery
  • List customization
  • Real time pricing

Available On: Android | iOS

11. Spinneys: UAE Grocery Deliver

The Spinneys app is especially for those who are living in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It is an easy-to-use application that everyone can use for grocery delivery requirements.


While using the app, you can make your own customized shopping list and repeat it next time. The delivery schedule is an extra advantage where you can choose the date and time of delivery.

Features of grocery delivery app like Spinneys:

  • Wide range of quality products
  • Delivery scheduling
  • Recipe guides
  • Free delivery options

Available On: Android | iOS

How You Can Get Your Own Grocery Delivery App?

From the business point of view, develop a grocery delivery app is a superb idea, and if you want to launch it in Dubai, then it will be a beneficial decision as it is one of the heavens for professionals for living. Several top grocery delivery apps in Dubai cater to customers’ demand, so you can also contribute to it, and on the other side, your app can generate good revenue. The only condition is that you must have an app, but the question is

 – How to develop a grocery app?

The straight forward answer is that you can’t develop it own because it requires expertise in mobile app development for years, so an experienced grocery delivery app developer can help you to make it out in the best way.

Although there are some steps that you can follow to have your own grocery app for business, and these are;

  1. Research about market trends and competitors will give you insight that you can later leverage for taking strategic decisions.
  2. Formulate a concept on which you want to develop an app. For example, you can take references from top grocery delivery apps in Dubai.
  3. Choose the platform on which you want to launch your app, i.e., Android or iOS. Suppose you want to launch your app for Android users, then you need to contact android app development company
  4. Hire an eCommerce development company in Dubai that must be trusted and have in-depth experience in developing ecommerce apps for businesses. While going through this option, you will have a team like Project manager, Business analyst, UX/UI designer, Mobile App developer, Backend developer, Quality assurance tester. They will help you turn your grocery delivery app idea into reality.
  5. While planning the app, you also need to focus on the customer’s requirements and what they need exactly. Suppose you have a brick-and-mortar grocery shop and want to launch an app; then try to find out the intention of your customer and how they will have advantages from your app.
  6. Marketing and promotion are a must after launching your app because no one knows how you are good at your business until customers find it via an app.

Last but not least, while developing the app you must have the cost of grocery delivery app development, including focusing on the technical factors, it is also best to focus on mobile app success factors; it will ensure the success of your grocery app that you want to launch in Dubai/UAE.


We have created this blog to share some helpful information about the top grocery delivery apps in Dubai. It will help you understand the market trends and what these apps offer to end users. All these apps we have mentioned in this blog are available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

It might be a good reference for businesses and startups to make decisions and launch a grocery app for businesses. What you can do is choose the platform and take a decision accordingly. Being an top mobile app development company in dubai, we can help you to create the app for leveraging to boost the growth of the grocery delivery business.